Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The promise

That night that we spent sleeping on wooden benches I opened my scriptures and found this verse: and so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.

Well, after another night sleeping in the airport, a red-eye flight the next night, about a dozen missed flights, basically living in airports with no showers, toothbrushes, or clothes to change into --we obtained!!

The plan was to fly into SLC and then drive to Orlando. I found a flight to Tampa and my aunt Patti and uncle Mike saved the day. They came and got us at the airport and fed us and washed our clothes and let us shower and bought us presents and let us sit in their hot tub and gave us a warm soft bed to sleep in with clean sheets and pillows. I literally felt my muscles melt when I crawled into that bed!

Here is a picture from our excursion to the pier for dinner.
Our stay at the Hanks Resort has been WONDERFUL. And we can always take that cross country road trip another day.


Amber & Jeff said...

What an adventure! I'm glad you are safe and making the most of it!! Way to say the day Aunt and Uncle!

Brad Hanks said...

Yea, my mom and dad do it up nice when people come to visit. Hoping to visit them sometime in May.

Melissa Scott said...

Orlando? So cool.. Leese and I were just talking about how we loved that you just always go with the flow and truly do exactly what you want. What an inspiration! Maybe I should fly down to keep you company and we can do the Disneyworld thing???

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Holy crap! What a crazy couple days you guys had. I will never fly standby after hearing your story! Glad you made it to tampa and have clean clothes, full bellies, and a nice bed to sleep in. You guys are TOUGH!

mikensi.jimmy said...

oh junks! you guys are definitely watched over! be safe, guys! i'm glad your family took care of you guys!