Saturday, April 26, 2008


I thought we were in for a long trip. I had no idea.

We flew standby last night and listened as one by one the people in our group were called to get on the plane. Then Li's name was called and they told him it was the last seat. He, of course, told them he wanted to stay with me and the seat went to someone else.

So we found ourselves stranded at the airport at 2 in the morning with our new best friend Vaughn. We discovered a beautiful garden and then the very nice security man came and told us we needed to leave. He directed us to some rock hard benches and showed us where we could buy some $8 sandwiches and $6 hot dogs. I opted for the $3 muffin instead.

We tossed and turned on the benches for a few hours and then decided it was morning. The highlight of the adventure, for me, was that we found free internet. Somehow that made it all better. We left the airport to get some cheaper food, catch a dollar movie, and then came back to get in line. Hopefully we make the flight tonight. Ironically I always wanted to fly standby.

When I was writing this post in my head it was so much wittier. For some reason my brain just isn't processing information as well as it normally does.

Does anyone know why my picture uploaded sideways? Maybe I have become one with my blog and it automatically orients my pictures to match my upside down life?


Lisa Christine said...

I can't wait to try standby someday! This is one of those stories that maybe isn't so funny while it's happening, but someday it's going to make you laugh so hard you almost pee your pants! I don't know why the pics came out sideways, sorry. Are you wearing PJ pants under a skirt??

Josh and Lindsay said...

Well that sure does sound like you two are having a good time in your travels!... I wish we were there to travel with you guys, it probably would have been a good time. Idaho, as you probably already know, is cold and wounderful. You two should probably think about moving here.

mikensi.jimmy said...

you poor, poor kids! i still enjoyed the blog even if the pictures ARE sideways. not sure why or how it does that...

Amber & Jeff said...

I hope that everything gets better and that you have a good trip! Be safe :)