Saturday, April 12, 2008

Free Rice - Fight Against World Hunger

I am in love with Free Rice. I love learning new words. I love feeling like I am helping. I love feeling like my wasted time on the internet might not be such a waste after all.

P.S. Li and I finally figured out how to make a button on our blog, so you can just click the cute little free rice image and start feeding the hungry. You're welcome.

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Min and Mary said...

Yeah! Another Hurricanite found! I should be leaving this comment on your wedding picture post, but I figure the most recent post is more likely to be checked. So I just scanned your wedding are a BABE! Li's not bad himself. Is he exceptionally tan or did you marry into ethnicity like myself? Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your children. That statement's probably entirely premature, but I'm very pro-kids. Expecting number two any day now. Unrelated topic: is Brett your little brother? The Brett Campbell who puppied around my little sister Leah? Just curious b/c I've forgotten all the small town connections and reading everyone's blogs gets my neurons firing away, trying to remember. Drop me a line or just keep blogging to keep me updated.