Wednesday, April 23, 2008

peace like a river.

I know it is easy to make things look and sound good on the internet. Everyone's life can seem blissful and perfect on their blog. That is why I need to clarify: the happiness that I feel today is the real kind, not the kind where is just looks like I'm happy because I said so on my blog. Here's why.....
  1. I walked barefoot to yoga with my ipod and my "the power of peace" shirt and felt like a true yogi.
  2. Everyone around me is stressing about finals and I don't have to take anymore. Ever.
  3. I get to see some of my family this weekend.
  4. I have an amazingly patient and supportive husband. When my load gets too heavy and I'm about to drop it, he just picks it up and starts carrying it, without being asked and without asking for recognition.
  5. I have been trying to learn to cook for about 4 months now. Yesterday I invented a soup that, while it is most likely nothing special to you, it is special to me, because I like it and I made it up myself.
  6. When I first started my job I basically HATED it. Nobody at work liked me and I didn't have a clue what I was supposed to be doing. Today they had a pizza party for me and bought me a cake that said Thank You Jen.
I'm so content today that even though I just spilled the aforementioned soup all over myself, and all over the floor I didn't feel the slightest urge to throw a hissy-fit. That's happy.

What are you happy about today? Leave a comment and share the love.


Kimberly said...

Jen your post made me want to stop and smell the roses (taste the soup?) Things have felt so hectic around here lately and I wanted to take a break to read blogs and I am glad I did. Now I'm going to take a minute and list the things I'm happy about - and wonder what kind of soup you created!

Amber & Jeff said...

You are too dang cute! I just seriously think you are the coolest. I hope that finals go well for Li and that work keeps going great for you! Awesome soup making too!
Have fun with your family this upcoming week!

lex said...

I am a slacker commenter because I use Google Reader instead of going to people's sites directly. But, I always love reading your posts. I'm glad you are happy and not just blog-world happy. Do we get to hear the recipe for your soup?

lex said...

And, believe it or not, today I am happy that it's raining. Because it just feels cozy today. And because it makes the colors of everything I see on the way home look crazy beautiful.

Melissa Scott said...

I am happy that you are happy first of all Jen. And, i'm happy because today Matt and I are leaving to go to his grandpa's wedding in California. We are making a day trip to San Francisco and because we never really go anywhere it should be all around "good times."

Lisa Christine said...


You make me happy!

mikensi.jimmy said...

i <3 you, legion!

Colter, Tara, and Ayla said...

Reading this post made me happy because it made me think about the things that I am happy about. Top three things right now: My cute little Ayla, Colter's last day of school (besides one test next week), and beautiful weather outside.