Saturday, May 3, 2008


The only thing I can complain about right now is that my new house doesn't have internet. But it may actually cure my blogger addiction!

I LOVE our house in Florida. I'll post loads of pictures when we get back. But right now I have to pack; we leave in 3 hours for the Dominican Republic!!

Life is sweet.

P.S. Sales is hard! But Li is giving it a good fight everyday. I love him so much for being willing to do this for us!!!!


mikensi.jimmy said...

good luck! ETTE.

Seth and Lacey said...

I'm glad you made it safely!! How's florida? Anything like hawaii?

Lisa Christine said...

Sales is hard! Good luck with it! And have a TON of fun in the D.R.!

Melissa Scott said...

I love your crazy life for sure! Good Luck in the DR.

Josh and Lindsay said...

We miss you guys! I hope you miss us too! Good luck selling, Li you're going to do great! Tell us about the DR... Don't forget us and come visit in Idaho when you're done in Florida... also we want to see some pictures of what you two are up to.