Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sorry for the delay.

I know I promised pictures from the DR. They are coming. But last week I decided very last minute to hop on a flight to Utah to be with my sister Tina when she went through the temple. Then my brother Brett was kind enough to drive for 3 days across the nation with me so that I can have a car for the summer here in Florida. Needless to say it's been more than a little crazy around here. Here are a couple pictures from my time in Utah and a teaser from the DR.
isn't my grandpa the cutest man?!

the happy couple.

I tried to bring a souvenir home but didn't know if I could make it through customs.


lex said...

So glad you made it back safely. Did anything eventful happen on your long road trip?

I'm excited to see those pictures!

Hodges Family said...

Honestly you do the most amazing things. I think compared to your life I am just boring! You are still Jen and I love that!

Lisa Christine said...

Your Grandpa is the cutest! I'm so excited for Tina! And I love the souvenir you wanted to bring home, what a cutie!

Melissa Scott said...

Sure wish you could have brought that souvenir home. I want to see you!!! I can't wait to see more pictures of all of your adventures. XOXOXOXOX


Your blog is cute. I love all of your adventures. But I wish you guys would have stayed with us on your way through Louisiana. And yes, your grandpa is so stinkin' cute

jen said...

Hey Nicole, you've gone private? Hmm...if you read this, I want an invite.