Friday, June 27, 2008


Today I would like the universe to know that I am really mad at it. REALLY MAD.

I called Li at 2 in the morning here in UT, which is 4 in the morning in FL ,and he was up and ready to go to the airport to catch his flight for Tina's wedding. I was shocked, he never wakes up on his own. I fell back asleep and woke a little while later to Li calling me. Get this....

They got pulled over because they didn't have a license plate and even though Li told him he was in a hurry to catch a flight, the MAN was convinced they were drug dealers and insisted on searching the ENTIRE vehicle. Ugh. Then he tells them that he won't write a ticket but that they
WILL get pulled over again and so they need to go home and get a different car. UGH.

By some miracle they still make it to the airport 30 minutes before the plane leaves and the MAN tells Li that he can't get on the flight, it's full. Hint for Mr. Man, a grown man traveling by himself with no luggage to check can make it from one side of the airport to the other pretty quickly. Basically, Li watched his plane depart and TOTALLY could have been on it. UGGGHHH!!!

So now he is arriving in Vegas at 2 in the afternoon, right around the time Tina and Dan will be exiting the temple. Why did the universe conspire to make everything so stupid?

Life lessons learned:
We've got to stick it to the MAN or he'll stick it to us.
If your sister is getting married you shouldn't book your husband on the last flight that arrives before the wedding. (Too bad I don't have any more sisters, but let that be a lesson for the rest of you.)
Any suggestions on what life lesson I was supposed to draw from this experience?


mikensi.jimmy said...

i think everything happens for a reason. maybe he would have sat by a stinky MAN. maybe one who has a problem w/ flatulence.. or maybe he would have just drank alcohol the whole flight. at any rate.. that really suxxors. hey, are you guys in utah or vegas? we need to play!

Amber & Jeff said...

Too bad hun!! I hope that the rest of the celebrations go well. At least, you were there for your sister- that's probably the most important :)
And yes, the MAN does suck, but hopefully we can all out wit him in the end :)

Seth and Lacey said...

that is totally lame jen. I like what mikensi said though....if he caught his flight he might have sat next to a stinky hope everything is absolutely great for you from now on!! :) and i think that just airlines in general suck.

Jen Eames said...

I am SOOOOO sad that I didn't think to find your family sooner! We were there that weekend buying a new trailer! That stinks that Li didn't make it on time. I won't go into how I feel about airports.....