Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I walked into a store in the mall today and saw a sign that read:

$3.99 and up*
*selected items only

some things in the store cost more than $3.99 and some cost less?
is it a sale?
I don't get it.


becca said...

The company will do whatever they can get away with is my theory. I went to a Banana Republic "outlet" (I'm not sure it should really be called that since the clothes there are hardly cheap)last month and on the clearance rack there was a sweater marked down from $49.99 to $41.99. A whopping $8, what kind of clearance price is that? Do they think we're stupid? They must.

mikensi.jimmy said...

lol! where are you? that is a funny sale.. if it IS a sale..

mikensi.jimmy said...

lol.. so... was it a sale? where did you see this? are you in HI again?