Monday, June 16, 2008

Behind the Magic...

Yeah I'll tell you how we get the magic at Disney....


Boy do we work hard. My shift today was from 8am until 7:30pm.
I thought it was a mistake on my schedule but they assured me that is the normal schedule.
And the Orlando sun just zaps the life out of you.

I got home and checked my schedule....Next week I am scheduled for every single day that I need off for Tina's wedding and not scheduled for a single day that I'd actually like to work. Ironic?

I am tired.

But really, it was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!


Lisa Christine said...

Long days like that are no fun, but I'm glad that you love it! Hope things work out with your schedule!

Colter, Tara, and Ayla said...

It was kind of fun to say hello on the phone the other day. I have enjoyed hearing about your job and adventures at Walt Disney World. I hope that we see you when you are here for Tina's wedding.