Monday, June 23, 2008

growing green

I saved my empty cans and planted some of those seeds Li got me for my birthday. I have been watering them religiously while wearing the hat he got me. Today when I went to water them I gasped.....there were little green things coming out of the dirt!!!!! Woo-hoo.

This almost never happens when I plant things. It must be the hat!


Brad Hanks said...

Jen here is a link to that site that pays you to blog. You have to set up an RSS feed for your blog which I haven't figured out how to do yet. They pay via paypal.

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

What seeds did he get you? Looks like sprouts to me. I'm soooo curious!

AND.....DANGIT!!! I was way toooo late in checking your post about guessing where you were! I knew where you were the second I saw that pic. And you know I know. Can I still get a prize? I never win and would love a prize!

by the way, thanks for commenting on my blog. It was nice to finally hear from you.

mikensi.jimmy said...

where are you guys now!? i need to read all your past blogs. my blogger got messed up and i didn't have you on my page and didn't visit. anyway, yeah- honor code = gay. tell me when you get to utah, lol. :( so sad and lonely here.

melis w-b. said...

definitely the hat! oh, and I appreciated the mental picture of the bicycling bird man. :) have fun in utah!