Sunday, June 29, 2008

busy weekend

Well, Tina and Dan are married, Li finally arrived, we've seen the whole family, wakeboarded and drunk our wheatgrass (not recommended!) and now we are headed back to Florida.

Li's flight leaves at 11pm and arrives at 10:30am.
I leave at midnight and arrive at 5pm.

Sad thing is I booked both flights....glutton for punishment I guess!


Seth and Lacey said...

yuck- i definitely don't like wheatgrass!! lol. Yeah we head back to HI in the middle of august.....cant wait! lol.have fun in florrrrriiidaaaa! :)

Josh and Lindsay said...

Jen, why do you have to be so creative and awesome... I make myself sick when I think about how un cool I am.... So when are you coming to Idaho, Tomorrow!? Im so excited! I cant wait to see you two.

Melissa Scott said...

So i take it that i missed your whole trip into town? I haven't gotten the mail in a while and i was about to say that I had not gotten the invite, but i actually did, just a little late... My prob, too. I wish I could have seen you..