Saturday, March 22, 2008

A new way to look at money

Li had an idea the other day that I thought was so brilliant and so funny I just had to share. He decided that instead of discussing our finances and budgeting our money at home we should get dressed up in business clothes and reserve a study room at the library so that we could have a business meeting. He walked around campus in his suit all day and no one believed that was all we were doing. Everyone thought we were up to something (this is Hawaii after all, most people don't even change out of their beach clothes to go to class.)

We recommend the business meeting to everyone, it makes finances a lot of more fun. Contact Jen or Li if you'd like more information on how to turn your money discussions into a experience you won't forget.

We are silly. And I think I had too many hi-chews today.


mikensi.jung said...

i loooove hi-chews. you guys are too funny! we will definitely have to hook up for FHE sometime, but sundays are the only days that work for us. at any rate... what a fun blog this was! we attempt discussing finances, but it just ends up playing WoW. i owe a couple of people about 10gold each.

AJ said...

This is WAY better than the stressful and hopeless way jake and I do finances. I love this and am totally going to do. How does a white board make everything more official? i don't know but it sure does.
p.s. I love hi-chews.
p.p.s I am so happy I get to stay in contact with my girl crush.

Melissa Scott said...

What is a Hi-Chew??

jen said...

They are really yummy candies that come from Taiwan I think. They are really chewy and come in different fruity flavors. I've only ever seen them in Hawaii.

Mia said...

I've decided to move to Hawaii, that's where all the eligible bachelors seem to be and all the fun too :)