Friday, March 28, 2008

Hawaiian mornings and Indian nights

Li and I camped on the beach the other day and this is what we saw when we woke up.It was a pretty long and cold night ( I know, I know we are in Hawaii, but it really was cold. And plus in the middle of the night a big group of people ran down the beach jumping up and down and yelling in Hindi - I don't have a clue how Li knows they were speaking Hindi, but he swears that's what it was.) Anyway after a long night I think we deserved a good sunrise.

Li would like me to add that he knows how to say the following things in Hindi: you're crazy (for men and women), you're a monkey, you're beautiful, and hello. I'm glad he's got the basics covered in case we ever find ourselves lost in India.

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mikensi.jung said...

lol! your blog cracks me up! that's a beautiful sunrise, too! now... if only i can get jimmy to go camping w/ me!! oh wait, we need a tent first. bwahahaha!