Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Nest

Dear Baby,
I know I begged you not to come out until your room was ready and I appreciate your obedience. But I guess I neglected to tell you that it is done.

Your dad painted the walls blue and then he painted these shelves and displayed these books.

Dad and Grandma endured a thorough scouring of two fabric stores before green accents and this fabric were deemed worthy. Then the chair was finally recovered.

Your mom sewed some pillow covers.

Dad destroyed Mom's old dresser to turn it into a changing table and great Grandma Campbell helped cover the changing pad.

Three sets of curtains were purchased and returned and every shade of green ribbon in the St. George area was considered. (Even though your dad insisted bows were too girly)

This thing used to be pink and even Mom knew that wasn't right, so Dad painted it and we stocked it with books and toys and such. And yes we even bought a water bottle to match. Your mother has gone a little crazy.

Granted there are still some projects. Like how we want to paint your name on here and add some pictures. But you don't have a name yet, and you are going to have to get used to some unfinished projects around here.

So you see, we are all ready and waiting.

Although your dad is training this week for his new job, so he probably wouldn't mind if you waited until the weekend.

Just let us know when's good for you.


Cierra said...

you guys did an AWESOME job at decorating the nursery! it looks so cozy and welcoming and cheery!

i love the green polka dot print. nice choice.

i'm excited to see the BIG post when your little one makes his debut!

Kimberly said...

Oh Jennifer the nursery is so cute! It looks like you have everything you need, I guess except for that last vital piece... Good luck and I know, I KNOW, this is the last thing you want to hear but I'll say it anyway cause I'm not pregnant anymore and I can say it, but they are easier inside than they are out! Put your feet up and enjoy your pretty room and take a nap, in the mean time we will cross our fingers he comes soon!

Tara said...

Very cute room! I keep checking wondering if this little boy has decided to make his arrival yet. They really just come whenever they think is appropriate, huh. Too bad we can't tell them when we would like them here.

Amber said...

super freakin' cute!! You are way further along on your nursery than I am. I love all your stuff and I think you are the most amazing crafty cute mom-to-be! Hope all goes well :)

Melissa said...

love the room! so cute. so excited for tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you. I'm not gonna lie, it's really hard (just in case nobody's told you yet!). but totally worth it. promise. sorry you had to wait so long! I think being "overdue" has got to be the worst thing ever. maybe that's why both of mine were born on their due dates 'cause they knew I couldn't handle it. :)

Jenni Denney said...

I love the colors. His room's going to be way nicer than mine. Oh, and I can't believe you still haven't picked out a name yet! It better be a good one since you've had so much time.

Lisa Christine said...

It looks great! I think he's just making a fashionably late appearance, you get more attention that way. By the looks of it you've got everyone's attention now! Good luck with the next 24 hours!

mikensi.jimmy said...

Awesome nursery, Jenkane! :D I LOVE it! I wish I could paint the walls here, lol! It looks fabulous and I hope baby cooperates and comes now!