Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My first tag!

Yea, somebody tagged me by name. That never happened before!

Basic rules....List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 surprising facts, and then tag 5 other people. Leave a comment for the people you tag so they know they have been tagged.

3 joys:
Unisom and B6. It seems to be helping and I haven't thrown up since last Friday. (knock on wood)
Going for walks with Li. Such a fun tradition we have started since I've been pregnant.
Li. He puts up with so much and still gives me a foot rub almost every night!

3 Fears:
The dark and what might be lurking.
Missing out on something. This has been my biggest fear since I was very small.
Not reaching my potential. I always think I'm supposed to be doing something else.

3 Current obsessions/collections.
Blogging. This might border on addiction.
Reading about pregnancy stuff. Again...addiction?
Finding an obsession...I am a little obsessed with finding a hobby or passion. I don't think I have one, besides blogging which does not count!

3 Surprising facts.
I hardly ever shave. TMI?
I can touch my nose with my tongue. A skill I inherited from my mommy.
I've run 2 marathons. Which you'd find really surprising if you watched me try to run lately.

I tag Mikensi, Jennifer Washburn, Mikki, Alysha and Amelia.

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