Saturday, November 8, 2008

How lame am I?

photo via flickr

It's Friday night and I am home alone watching the Kahuku game.
And loving it.


mikensi.jimmy said...

jimbo and i saw a girl at the mall wearing a hoodie that said KAHUKU on it.. nice, huh? :)

mikensi.jimmy said...

p.s. i love your blogs.. just thought i'd let you know, lol

Melissa Scott said...

Not lame... Matt and I for the most part spend our Friday evenings at the H-town football games. Gotta love it.

Cierra said...

haha glad i could help you out on the spelling of such a wonderful word. :) truth be told, i made up my own spelling, but i think i am happy with it.

hope you are feeling alright!

Malia said...

Hey yeah call me. but I'm pretty sure i can do it today at like 4:30... I will just have to see If I have the truck tonight or if stuart has to use it. but call me b/c i lost your number.