Thursday, February 11, 2010


Carter had his first smoothie today.
I blended peaches into my Greek yogurt.
(In an attempt to make it edible.)
I was going to spoon feed him some, but once he saw the cup
he wanted NOTHING to do with a spoon.

Who knew food could be so much fun?


mikensi.jimmy.jae said...

This picture makes me smile. :) I can't believe how big he is getting!!

Carol said...

It only gets more fun!!

Lisa Christine said...

He is so stinking cute! Like, really, he's beautiful! Even with smoothie all over his face!

Kate said...

I miss you.
Cora doesn't seem to get as excited about food. Her interest only lasts for a few spoonfuls.

Jason said...

Sweet bib. Is it held by a safety pin or does his double chin just hold it down. Kalele just uses the front of her shirt and now that she can wipe her face with her hand she uses her pants as well.

Bowmans said...

Heck yeah Ill go with you! that souds like fun. You should come for sure. We also have a spare queen bed if you want to stay. Lucy misses her boyfriend.