Sunday, July 20, 2008

long strange trip

No, we didn't start out our little adventure across the USA with a UHAUL...

Especially because this is all we had to fill it up!

No, we picked up this little addition to our adventure when our car broke down near Silverthorne, CO and we needed a way to get it back home.

Li drove this whole mess for 10 hours straight, he even reversed...I was seriously impressed!
We got to Hurricane at 2am and left at 7am to go with Brett to the MTC.



Amber & Jeff said...

Glad that you got home safe!Our car broke down right at the end of the Eisenhower tunnel and we had to coast done the hill to Silverthorne too. Good times.
I'm just glad you got home to see your brother off :)
Hope the rest of your Summer is more boring :)

Jennifer Washburn said...

Wild. If you are going to be in Hurricane for a while, we should get together sometime.

Hodges Family said...

you are a trooper and I can't believe Tina is married and Brett is going on a mission weren't they little kids when we were roomates!

Anonymous said...

The adventures you have after getting hitched. I love that life stays so interesting!