Saturday, February 23, 2008

Devin Thomas

The other day I was on the phone with my little brother Devin. (Who is really not that little, but he's still my little brother!) I asked him if he had seen a movie that we had gone to over the weekend. His reply... "We walked out."

Boy did I feel silly; rebuked by my little brother.

Later I was thinking about it and decided that my little brother is a lot like Nephi, living righteously and setting a good example for his family.

So here's to my "little" brother Devin. Taller than I am, and a spiritual giant too. Love ya dude!


Amber & Jeff said...

Little Bros are the best!! Also- don't worry about the whole emotional crap! If you are taking "the pill" then I put ALL the blame on that and if not my husband would just say that your a Woman and that's all you need to explain it! It's so sad but true! Love ya and take care! Email me anytime you are free regarding Hawaii!! Thanks.

mikensi.jung said...

good call. what a stud! :D