Sunday, December 9, 2007

I love my roommates with every fiber of my being.

A few of my current house mates. Everyone is Asian in our house but me.
I will miss them!!

House party at Haleiwa Eats (with a few adopted roommates)

My new roommate cooking me dinner one night;
we have a lot of fun in the kitchen!

I was thinking about how after Li and I get married I won't have any more roommates. I started thinking back about all the roommates I've had over the years. To the best of my recollection I've had 39 roommates (well, really, house mates) since I moved out of my parent's house. And I can add 8 mission companions to that list. I have been so blessed to live with so many motivated, inspiring, spiritual, fun, AMAZING women. All of them have influenced me in profound ways and I'm really grateful for them all.

Having said that I am excited for my new roommate! I'll just leave you with one example of why I think he'll be a good one......The other day he took the sponge out of my hand and started scrubbing my greasy dishes from making my dinner (he didn't even get to eat any of the food) and said, "Get out of my kitchen, you're the breadwinner in this house."


lex said...

can it be? am I really the first to comment on your new blog?

i'm glad you are grateful and i'm glad you are blogging about it! it'll be fun to keep up with your randomness.

Loni said...

So glad you've joined the blogging club, and even more excited that you will be joining the marrieds club! I'm actually really happy for you. It is kind of sad when you realize that you won't be having any more roommates, especially when you see them planning on where and with whom they'll be living with next, but your best roommate is about to move in, an dhe won't be moving out at the end of the semester!

Colter, Tara, and Ayla said...

Yea Jen! I can't wait to see you. Your dad said you would be back in town on Tuesday. Is that during the day or that night? After you get married, are you guys going to live in Hawaii? Where are you going on your honeymoon? You've been living in one of the major honeymoon spots. How do you top that?

Melissa Scott said...

Great, now i am really the only one without a blog... I am wishing that i could have been a "room-mate" of yours, but i figure hey, how many of your 39 roommates have slept at your house in the bottom of a pool.. So, some of us are kind of one up on them...(not that it is a competition)
Lets plan the wedding.. give me a call. I am so happy that your roommate-to-be is so hot!

Amber said...

Hey, Ii'm so excited for you and you guys look so cute together!! Hey I really need your wedding annoucement- am I getting one? Better be!! I'm glad you are a blogger as well!
Love ya- Amber